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Israelis Perform Well in 2010 European 10m Air Rifle Championships

Results are in for Chen Tal and other Israelis who participated in the European championships. Tal tied for 9th place, out of a field of about 70. Mazal Tov!

Yael Kan Dagan took 26th, and Ella Sternbert took 32nd! Both excellent!

On the men’s side, Sergei Richter finished 9th!

Overall, this an outstanding showing. Keep in mind, 10m air rifle is an extremely popular sport throughout Europe, where kids begin competing as soon as they’re old enough to lift the rifle.

Hopefully these young Israelis will inspire young Jewish Americans to take up precision shooting sports as well!

Young Israeli (Female) Air Rifle Competitor Heads to European Championships!

An Israeli newspaper just did a brief article on a young Israeli girl who competes internationally in 10m Air Rifle (click here for the Google translation to English).

From the article:

My father, like any good father, … one day he offered me to come with him shooting range. Immediately I fell in love peace and quiet that this sport, things that I appreciate to this day.

Mazal Tov and good luck to Tal at the European Championships, and maybe we’ll see her in the 2012 Olympics!

If you want to see more examples of young Israelis competing in Air Rifle, check out the photo albums here. If you want to get your Jewish child started in Air Rifle or pistol, and don’t know where to begin, feel free to drop me a line.