2010 ISSF World Cup Results: Rikhter 16th in 10m Air Rifle

Results here. Israeli shooter Sergy Rikhter’s score was 594- 46x, which means a score of 594 out of 600, with 46 of his 10s in the “x”. The x on a 10m air rifle is about the size of a period on a printed paper. Mazal Tov! Women’s 10m Air Rifle coming up Wednesday with four Israeli women competing.

You can watch summaries of the finals here. There is also live coverage on the main issf site, but I can’t find if they have replays of the entire event’s coverage.

The summary coverage is not great, but it’s interesting to see all the variation in the left hand position on the rifle, and the way each of the top shooters finds their own style and position.

Also, it seems to me that Israel has no World Cup entrants in any pistol event….I have no idea why that is.

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