2010 ISSF World Cup Results: Womens 50m 3P

Great shooting by three Israelis today:

27th Place-Ella Sternberg: 576- 23x
38th Place-Yael Kan-Dagan: 572- 22x
56th Place-Anat Tzur: 563- 15x

I believe tomorrow is the last event, Men’s Prone, with three Israelis competing.

Mazal Tov!

I don’t know how observant of the Sabbath the Israeli team members are (and possibly Jews from other countries competing?), but I’d be interested in my readers’ opinions on whether competing, or shooting in general is allowed on Shabbat. I don’t think the athletes are professionals, so technically it is not work. An air rifle uses no gunpowder, but tomorrow’s event is .22LR (gunpowder)….is causing the gunpowder inside the cartridge to fire a no-no on Shabbat?

Personally, I view precision shooting as the kind of relaxing leisure that Shabbat was intended for.

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