Calling all Jewish Archers!

This week I received an email from the Israel Archery Association. Please read their message below. If you know of any Jewish archers interested in getting archery back into the Maccabiah games, please contact them! I would also be interested in adding them to the blog along with our rifle and pistol athletes. Here is the message:

Archery in 2013 Maccabiah Games in Israel?

Tel-Aviv June 2011


Every four years, the Maccabiah Games are held in Israel. They are the worldยดs largest and best Jewish athletic competition, drawing participants from every corner of the globe and in a great variety of sports, in an impressive display of Jewish unity and spirit.

Thus far, archery has not been included in the Maccabiah Games due to an insufficient number of participants. We, members of the Israeli Archery Association, have decided to remedy the situation and have our beloved sport included in the 2013 Games. In order to do so, at least four national teams of three-four archers must apply for participation no later than July 2012. To this end, we are seeking active Jewish archers throughout the world.

If you are an active Jewish archer and are interested in representing your country in this event, please contact us at

We hope you will join us in helping Jewish and Israeli archery achieve the recognition it deserves.


The Israel Archery Association

7 thoughts on “Calling all Jewish Archers!

  1. Dr. Jess

    I’m Jewish and recently new to archery. If I ever get good, I’ll be honored and totally psyched to compete in the Maccabi Games. In the meantime… Need any long distance runners? I’m actually kinda good at that :)
    Am Israel Chai!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    i am visiting israel from canada in a few weeks, and i was wondering if there were any good archery stores to check out while i’m over there?

    possibly some archery ranges? (possibly ones i can find and get by with english?)


  3. Anonymous

    I started a group at our shul called the “ShalaShooters”. Some doctors, a couple of rabbis, and others, we would get together once or twice a month to shoot pistols or trap. I helped organize several “Girls and Guns” classes for shomer Shabbat women. Every lady who went had a wonderful time.


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