Did the Jewish Marksman Find His Smallbore Prone Position?

I’ve been “dabbling” in NRA Smallbore Prone, but despite better sights, a more accurate trigger and more accurate ammo than my Service Rifle, my groups have not been better than I can do with my AR-15 and .22LR upper!

Until this weekend, when I made some head position and sling changes which (finally!) eliminated almost all pulse and allowed for fairly quick releases. My 50 yard targets are above, the inner ring is the X and the outer the 10.

The only problem with the position is that my wrist and forearm fall asleep after about 10 minutes. That is a mixed blessing, because really there should be no muscle tension whatsoever in the left arm. However, there is no neural feedback as to whether the arm is tensed or not. That caused me to throw 2 nines at 100 yards where I work a little slower. So I think I may need a more padded glove, or to simply take a short break after the first 10 shots to let the circulation flow in my hand again:

Not great, but getting better. If I can get in just a little more practice before the next match, I think I can make a run at Expert classification in the next few months. The wind was blowing left to right on the first target, and I failed to notice the flags…need to fix that!

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