Great Post on Israel as Symbol of Inner Strength at Women of Caliber Blog

The Women of Caliber Blog describes itself as follows:

Women of Caliber is committed to empowering women physical and firearm self-defense, for women – by women. This education is in part through a proprietary shooting method which teaches accurate and competent execution, even in climatic scenarios. Women of Caliber also teaches the UT Concealed Firearm Permit Classes. Additionally, Women of Caliber is actively involved in Second Amendment rights and defending the Constitution of the United States.

The Women of Caliber Director of Training holds the most extensive NRA discipline certifications than any other female in the Western States.

Its administrator, Kellene Bishop, recently posted at length about the parallels she sees between women and Jews as historically oppressed, and the liberating effect that having the ability and will to defend yourself provides. She gives an extensive and educated description of the role firearms and other weapons played in the Jews’ ability to declare Israel’s independence. She also talks about her site’s logo and its symbolism. Her post is worth a read by clicking here.

Her post reminded me of an old post of I pic I made here

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