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Lawrence N. Freedman (a.k.a. "Super Jew") – Jewish Marksman and Green Beret

Today, December 22, marks the death of Lawrence N. Freedman in 1992, a US Special Forces Green Beret who was killed in the line of duty at age 51. Among the many skills he possessed, Freedman was considered on of the top snipers in the US Army:
But as a sniper he was nearly without peer. Once, remembers Gale McMillan, a maker of specialty weapons, the two of them were testing night scopes at Camp Perry. It was a night so dark it swallowed up the faces of their watches. Freedman lay down, steadied his arm on a sandbag, and fixed his scope at a target no larger than a quarter at a distance of 250 yards. He squeezed off five shots. When they examined the target they found a single ragged hole through which all five bullets had passed, McMillan says.

Freedman was proud of his Jewish heritage, and took the nick-name “Super Jew” among his comrades. Please take a moment today to visit some web sites that discuss more of the life of this great American Jew:

Jewish Marksman Resolves to Conquer the Wind

And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord led the sea with the strong east wind all night, and He made the sea into dry land and the waters split.” Exodus Ch.1, v.21

Hashem parted the red sea with wind so that the Jewish people could escape their oppressors in Egypt. Nowadays, that same wind oppresses novice long range rifle shooters like me!

Last weekend I made it out for only the second time to a true High Power Match on a 600 yard range. At the 200 and 300 yard stages I shot my usual low Master scores, but 600 was a nightmare. I waited for breaks in the wind and hit a few 10s and Xs, but when forced to shoot in the wind I had no clue. My target saw 8s and even a 6!

I think I did the right thing by spending a couple years on reduced 100 yard courses, mastering basic technique. Having shot a few High Master scores, I know I can physically shoot a 10 on demand most of the time. My 2012 New Years resolution is to get out to more 600 yard matches and master the wind. For me, this means leaving the house at 4am to drive to a weekend 7am match two hours away! But if the Jews could spend years wandering the desert, I guess a couple hours drive isn’t so bad…