Catching up with the Jewish Marksman

I apologize that the pace of posting has slowed of late, I have been busy with work and trying to do get some reloading done so I’m not rushing to load before matches. But fear not, I have a queue of Jewish Marksmen to profile soon! I also have a new rifle to tell you about and will review it soon…

Otherwise I have finally begun to make some progress in my sitting position scores, which had slumped below 95% recently. I made some tweaks and basically through trial and error discovered a few nuances in the position I had not noticed before, and today shot a 97%. Specifically, I had sometimes found myself muscling the rifle up to raise the muzzle when needed, but I realized that the same result could be achieved by leaning back and sorting of “hanging” from the sling. I thought perhaps that this position would not settle from recoil well, but the opposite turned out to be true. I have also smoothed out my magazine changes, carefully keeping the rifle in my shoulder and then releasing the bolt as I settle back down in position. I still have a hard time judging time though, and this tendency to rush is hurting my score, as I’ll have a bunch of tens and then a couple of rushed eights where I shot before settled after recoil. I am going to start integrating a timer into my practice sessions.

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