Israeli Mauser Watch 5/3/13

On Gunbroker today there are quite a few Israeli Mausers up for sale.  In fact, since my last update several have been listed and sold, I just didn’t have time to blog about them.  Maybe collectors are having a spring cleaning of their safes and letting these go?  Just seems like a lot more on the market than usual.  In any case:

1. A Czech-made Israeli Mauser with the beautiful lion crest.  $725 is the starting bid.  The rifle looks nice, but I suspect it may not be the original finish.  A little steep on the price, but it would probably cost about the same to find a beater and restore it to this level.  I’m guessing it won’t get $725 and will roll over and go for $500-$700.

UPDATE: Sold for $695

2. Complete Stripped German Action.  I actually like the markings on this one, complete with Star of David and Hebrew lettering.  $175 might be a little on the high side, $100-$125 would be a better deal.  It seems like maybe the bolt and receiver have matching numbers, hard to tell.  If you just want a paperweight, be patient and a complete stripped action will eventually appear in the $50 range.

UPDATE: Sold for $211

3. German K98.  I don’t like this seller. For one, no pictures of the markings.  Second, he writes, “getting hard to find” when, as readers of this blog know, this is not true.  The current bid is $380, with a buy-now price over $600.  Not enough info to really form an opinion, but I would approach with caution.

UPDATE: Sold for $620

4. Belgian.  This seems like a fine example of the Belgian with the IDF crest.  The pictures aren’t great, but the rifle looks in good condition.  The bid is currently $500, I wouldn’t go much higher.

UPDATE: Sold for $585

5. German K98.  Well this one is interesting.  It’s a refurb, but looks beautiful with beautiful markings.  Current bid is $800, with a $1200 buy now and the reserve is not met.  A little steep, but assuming the barrel is in good condition and the rifle safely fires, I think someone would be proud to own this one.

UPDATE: Reserve not met, and apparently not re-listed.

6. Belgian K98.  With a starting bid at $700 and buy now of $800, this one is a little pricey. I’ve seen better condition for about the same price.

UPDATE: Reserve not met, and apparently not re-listed.

As always, buyer beware!

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