Israeli(?) Mauser Watch – Another .22LR

On someone has listed another .22LR Mauser, referring to it as an Israeli Mauser.  This specimen clearly has a Remington barrel.  Two of my readers have now stepped forward expressing their understanding that indeed some K98s were converted for use by Israel to .22LR.  I am sure they are genuine in their beliefs, but hearsay is no substitute for substantiated research.  I am admittedly ignorant on the subject, and would be more inclined to believe that some hobbyist gunsmith(s) decided it would be cool to re-barrel a Mauser in .22LR.  If these are the genuine article, then the initial asking price of $895 is probably reasonable, as this would be a sought-after collector’s item.

Personally, I would not have much interest, variety of reasons.  First, if one really wanted a good target .22LR, there are much better choices.  Second, if one wanted the thrill of firing an Israeli Mauser (or wanted to give a child or grand child the experience) without the kick of a .308 cartridge, you can actually buy a chamber insert for .308 rifles that allow the use of a variety of pistol cartridges.  Arguably, such chamber inserts would have been smarter than creating a .22LR in the first place, depending upon exactly what you were trying to train the shooter to do.

As usual, buyer beware!

UPDATE:  Apparently sold at $895.

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