Jewish Marksman Shoots Personal Best After Annealing!

A few posts ago I talked about annealing my brass, hoping it might help out my 600 yard prone scores.  After annealing the brass, I noticed that both re-sizing and bullet seating was easier, and seating resistance in the press was more consistent.  So far so good.

Over the weekend I scored a personal best at 600 yards, a 193 with 6x.  That’s just 1 point shy of High Master land…  Actually the score doesn’t tell the whole story.  My first sighter shot was an inexplicable 7, and actually had me concerned that the annealing was having a detrimental effect.  I made no adjustments, assuming that round was a fluke, and followed with a second sighter almost in the same spot.  I have no idea how my zero could have been so off, unless the annealing had some kind of effect, but the fact the second shot was on top of the first let me know the system was performing.  It took me two shots, both 9s, to make the necessary sight adjustments to get a decent zero.  From there on out me and the rifle were hammering at 600 like never before.  I tired on the last few shots, and flinched a little on an 8.  That made me angry so I hunkered down and nailed two x’s as my final shots (the x-ring is 6″ at 600).  Well the point is, had my zero been better I think a 194, 195 or even 196 would have been in the cards.  It helped that there was very little wind (of the 20 shooters, 196-8x was the top prone score).  Unlike my previous outings at 600, where my windage would be good but my elevation would have inexplicable fliers into the 9 or 8 ring, annealing appears to have cured that elevation problem.

I am starting to feel like my road to High Master is gaining traction.  With the exception of standing, I’ve shot High Master or near-High Master scores in every position, just not consistently.  But my consistency is getting better, especially as I am getting more comfortable with the tube gun. I’ve also been doing more mental management training, and I’ll blog more about that soon.

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