Correction and Survey for Maccabiah Games Shooting Sports!

One of our readers in Israel has informed that I was mistaken–there are indeed shooting sports in the 2013 Maccabiah Games!  The events are various international disciplines like air rifle, air pistol, prone rifle and rapid fire pistol. The reader tells me there are 7 shooters from various European countries.  So where are the Americans? Despite being The Jewish Marksman, I had no idea that shooting events were part of the games…I thought shooting had been dropped for lack of interest.  I think other American Jews also did not know.

I know that several of the top tier American Jewish shooters (including Olympians and national champions) have made trips to Israel in the past, and plan on going again in the future.  I have to think they would be happy to combine a trip with a few days of shooting in the Maccabiah Games.  WHAT ABOUT YOU?

I know most of us probably cannot afford the time and expense every year, but what if we organized as many as we could to go every few years?  Please send me an email (jewishmarksman at gmail dot com) if you think you would have interest, and we’ll see if we can organize something!

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