Friday 7/19/13 Maccabiah Results

First of all, thank you to the American readers who responded regarding the bizarre absence of American Jewish shooters at the games.  It seems as if we were simply unaware that shooting sports were available.  Also, there are already thoughts of developing relationships with the Israeli shooting clubs independent of the official Maccabiah Games.  I and others are going to explore all the options, and keep everyone informed.

Long time readers of the blog know that there are many excellent American Jewish international-style shooters we might have seen there.  In the teen and “young adult” category:

Sandra Fong, Danielle Fong, Abigail Fong – With  Sandra notably competing at the Olympic levels.
Hanna Black, Josh Black –  Hanna competes at the collegiate level in Air Rifle, Josh at the junior nationals level in Air Rifle and Pistol.
Jessica Levine – Won national awards at Camp Perry a few years back in smallbore.
Laura Spector – Olympic biathlete.
Sharon Barazani – Up-and-coming international shooter (not sure, she may technically have been born in Israel…?).

Dmitriy Shteyman – International pistol disciplines.
Sloane Milstein – Air pistol.
The “Blackhawk Bagel Boys” – An entire 2011 team of Jews at the national championships in smallbore prone.

Sorry if I am forgetting anyone!

This does not even include dozens of American Jews like myself who compete at the amateur levels in center-fire sports, but would still be competitive in an international air or smallbore event.   My readers know this because I’ve been documenting them for several years now!  There are many Jewish NRA Bullseye shooters who shoot slow fire at 50 yards who I’m sure would do well at 10m Air Pistol, or already do.  Those of us NRA High Power shooters who shoot prone at 600 yards can also shoot a smallbore rifle prone at 50m pretty well.

So let’s get to Israel soon and show them what we’ve got!

On to Friday’s results:

10m Air Rifle:
Sergey Richter ISRAEL 626.1

Leor Madlal ISRAEL 625.0
Doron Egozi ISRAEL 607.0
Miron Bilski HOLLAND 564.9
Gilad Lavochkin GERMANY 521.5
Jeremy Griffiths  MAURITIUS 423.8

10m Air Pistol:

Alex Tripolski ISRAEL 571
Daniel Katz ISRAEL 564
Tamir Adler ISRAEL 554
Gilad Lavochkin GERMANY 552
Vered Zur Panzer GERMANY 530
Roman Gronski CZECH REPUBLIC 517
David Peer SLOVAKIA 456
Robert Gatner CURACAO 377
If you are, or know any of the above shooters, please contact me so I can profile them and add them.  If you are new to the blog, please take the time to browse the right side where all of the profiled Jewish shooters are listed.
Mazal Tov to all the competitors!

2 thoughts on “Friday 7/19/13 Maccabiah Results

  1. Mike

    Well, time to break out the Anschutz 2002….Scuba tank is all charged up in the garage. I can compete with this.

    But I think I’d look pretty funny over there with my AR-15 Smallbore gun shooting SB Prone. Definitely great excuse for getting a state-of-the-art SB rifle while at Perry!!

    Is there a 300M Prone event, too?

    Maccabiah or bust.


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