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Sid Caesar: Jewish Marksman

Sid Caesar, the famous actor, writer and comedian is another Jewish Marksman. According to this article quoting a Jewish waiter in the Catskills:
“One of my special guests in the hotel was Sid Caesar. He was a great guy, very nice; I even played pinochle with him. Sid Caesar was quite a marksman. I would go into town, buy cans of shaving cream, and he would shoot them to see how high they would go. He had a .357 magnum and a high-powered rifle. He wouldn’t kill a fly, but he loved to shoot. His best friend owned the Joyva halvah13 company. They’d fill the halvah tins with seltzer, shoot at them. If you have money, you can do anything.”

I stumbled across a quote from Caesar’s biography, where he talks about shooting with famous Jewish comedian Buddy Hackett: