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Dave Markowitz – Jewish Marksman and Blogger

Dave Markowitz is the publisher of a blog titled “Blog O’ Stuff“, which he describes as “about computing, shooting, RKBA, and whatever else I feel like ranting about.” He recently blogged about his recommendations for a first gun for a new Jewish gun owner. As I’ve previously written, I advocate a revolver, but if you do decide on a semi-auto, he makes some good suggestions. He also has good commentary on Jews and firearms in another post:
Regardless of training requirements, Jews should get a license to carry a concealed firearm, as long as doing so is possible. Antisemetic crime is not confined to the home, indeed as Silverman described at the beginning of his article, Jews should be prepared to confront it at synagogue, and elsewhere.
In some of my prior posts to this blog I have stated that “Never Again” requires more than harsh language. If we as Jews are serious about preventing another Shoah (Holocaust), we have no one to depend on but ourselves.
Head over to his blog for more interesting posts on all kinds of “stuff!”