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Israeli Mauser Watch: Remarkable Israeli Mauser on Gunbroker

Right now on is a classic example of the type of Israeli Mauser that I really like, perhaps the best I’ve seen online.  German-made receiver, Stars of David stamps on the receiver and carved into the stock, stamped out Nazi markings, matching bolt and receiver, sling, grenade launcher.  Lots of pictures so check it out (click to visit)!

Also there is Hebrew word on the receiver and stock, and I’m not quite sure what it means, or if it is an acronym.  I can’t tell if the letters are מכלן or מפלן so perhaps one of my readers can help read and translate the markings.

With two days left in the auction, bidding has reached $650.  I suspect it will go for $900-$1200.

As always, buyer beware!

Interesting New Option for Israeli Mauser Builds

As my readers know, I’m a big fan of the K98 Mauser large ring action.  I bought a stripped receiver with the IDF crest for just $50, so that someday I could build it out into some sort of target/sporting rifle, but at the moment I have no specific plans.  Old K98 actions, Israeli and otherwise, are very popular actions for building so-called “sporter” or “scout” rifles, which are basically carry-around rifles for general hunting and target shooting.  There are quite a few after-market stocks made for the Mauser action, and all kinds of barrels, even pre-threaded and chambered barrels the amateur gunsmith can install and head space with hand tools (although most of us would benefit from having a gunsmith with a lathe install the barrel).  Almost always a scope is mounted, which eliminates the ability for fast reloads with stripper clips, so each round is fed one at a time into the internal magazine.

However, there is a company here in Florida that has begun making the “bottom metal”, i.e. a replacement for the internal magazine that instead accepts external, AI patterned magazines.  I don’t know anything about the quality of the product or the company, I’m just letting readers know it is out there.  So if you really just *have* to build a Mauser sporter out of an old Israeli Mauser action, this bottom metal could really open up the possibilities.  If you know anything about this new system, please leave comments and share your experience.

Now that all said, Ruger has a .308 Scout rifle out now that also takes magazines and is getting great reviews, and Mossberg and of course Remmington make some very nice, and very affordable general purpose “sporter” rifles as well.  To build a Mauser sporter you’ll spend quite a bit more unless you’re a serious DIYer (you can install and headspace a pre-threaded barrel, bed an action, etc.), but you can end up with a rifle that is exactly what you want, and perhaps with deeper meaning to you than something off the shelf.  Also there are a number of companies making really beautiful wood stocks that take Mauser actions.  Personally, I am hoping someone will manufacture some sort of aluminum chassis system that will accept Mauser actions, so I could just drop it in and use it for NRA High Power and dabble in some tactical matches some day.  Unfortunately, right now there doesn’t seem to be much interest, so as far as I know nobody is making one…yet.

Israeli(?) Mauser Watch – Another .22LR

On someone has listed another .22LR Mauser, referring to it as an Israeli Mauser.  This specimen clearly has a Remington barrel.  Two of my readers have now stepped forward expressing their understanding that indeed some K98s were converted for use by Israel to .22LR.  I am sure they are genuine in their beliefs, but hearsay is no substitute for substantiated research.  I am admittedly ignorant on the subject, and would be more inclined to believe that some hobbyist gunsmith(s) decided it would be cool to re-barrel a Mauser in .22LR.  If these are the genuine article, then the initial asking price of $895 is probably reasonable, as this would be a sought-after collector’s item.

Personally, I would not have much interest, variety of reasons.  First, if one really wanted a good target .22LR, there are much better choices.  Second, if one wanted the thrill of firing an Israeli Mauser (or wanted to give a child or grand child the experience) without the kick of a .308 cartridge, you can actually buy a chamber insert for .308 rifles that allow the use of a variety of pistol cartridges.  Arguably, such chamber inserts would have been smarter than creating a .22LR in the first place, depending upon exactly what you were trying to train the shooter to do.

As usual, buyer beware!

UPDATE:  Apparently sold at $895.

Israeli Mauser Watch 5/7/13

Today on Gunbroker a nice-looking German conversion, bidding currently at $300.  I can’t tell from the pictures if there is a Star of David or other Hebrew…if interested you may want to contact the seller.  Normally I would say one in this condition would go for $600 or so, but with matching bolt serial they tend to go for more and are unpredictable.

As always, buyer beware!

UPDATE: Sold for $660.05

Israeli Mauser Watch 5/3/13

On Gunbroker today there are quite a few Israeli Mausers up for sale.  In fact, since my last update several have been listed and sold, I just didn’t have time to blog about them.  Maybe collectors are having a spring cleaning of their safes and letting these go?  Just seems like a lot more on the market than usual.  In any case:

1. A Czech-made Israeli Mauser with the beautiful lion crest.  $725 is the starting bid.  The rifle looks nice, but I suspect it may not be the original finish.  A little steep on the price, but it would probably cost about the same to find a beater and restore it to this level.  I’m guessing it won’t get $725 and will roll over and go for $500-$700.

UPDATE: Sold for $695

2. Complete Stripped German Action.  I actually like the markings on this one, complete with Star of David and Hebrew lettering.  $175 might be a little on the high side, $100-$125 would be a better deal.  It seems like maybe the bolt and receiver have matching numbers, hard to tell.  If you just want a paperweight, be patient and a complete stripped action will eventually appear in the $50 range.

UPDATE: Sold for $211

3. German K98.  I don’t like this seller. For one, no pictures of the markings.  Second, he writes, “getting hard to find” when, as readers of this blog know, this is not true.  The current bid is $380, with a buy-now price over $600.  Not enough info to really form an opinion, but I would approach with caution.

UPDATE: Sold for $620

4. Belgian.  This seems like a fine example of the Belgian with the IDF crest.  The pictures aren’t great, but the rifle looks in good condition.  The bid is currently $500, I wouldn’t go much higher.

UPDATE: Sold for $585

5. German K98.  Well this one is interesting.  It’s a refurb, but looks beautiful with beautiful markings.  Current bid is $800, with a $1200 buy now and the reserve is not met.  A little steep, but assuming the barrel is in good condition and the rifle safely fires, I think someone would be proud to own this one.

UPDATE: Reserve not met, and apparently not re-listed.

6. Belgian K98.  With a starting bid at $700 and buy now of $800, this one is a little pricey. I’ve seen better condition for about the same price.

UPDATE: Reserve not met, and apparently not re-listed.

As always, buyer beware!

Israeli Mauser Watch 3/18/13

Today on someone is selling two stripped Israeli Mauser receivers.  These are the Belgian-made receivers with the IDF crest on the receiver.  I have one which is currently a paper-weight in my office until I figure out what to build with it.  The two in the picture look good, except the one that shows rusting..but that may be superficial and nothing a coat of Cerakote or similar product can’t hide.  These receivers are great platforms for building a hunting or mid-range target rifle.  The current asking price is $100, which is a fair deal, especially if your FFL transfer dealer will only charge you for one.

As always, buyer beware!

UPDATE: Sale price info no longer available….

Israeli Mauser Watch 3/1/13

On for sale is a “mystery mauser” with minimal markings, although the 7.62 stamp and .308 barrel indicate it served in Israel.  Perhaps a mauser historian could help identify the manufacture date and place.  It also has a Star of David stamp in the photo.

The Buy Now Price is $350, I could see it going for about that, anything less is a fair deal.
As always, buyer beware!

UPDATE: Sale price no longer available in the system…

Israeli Mauser Watch 2/15/13 – Czech Lion

Today on someone is selling a Czech-made Israeli Mauser.  Unfortunately the pictures are not so good, but I what I really like about these is that the receiver sports a beautiful lion crest.  Someday I hoped to find one stripped to add for my collection, but at a starting bid of $499, this one is too rich for my blood.  That said, with matching receiver and bolt numbers, collectors pay a premium and this one could possibly go for that price and more.

As always, buyer beware!

Israeli Mauser Watch 2/13/13

For sale now on Gunbroker are two German captured Israeli Mausers.

The first one is a 1945 dou, which has cool markings, including what looks like 2 Stars of David.  Unfortunately, it has some kind of import stamp not just on the barrel, but also on the receiver.  Some people might like that stamp, some not (I’m not sure why the importer stamped the receiver…my understanding is that only the barrel needs to be stamped…).  The bidding starts at $350…with a shot-out barrel I don’t see it fetching much more than that.

The second one is very old, 1918.  It has some rare German markings, but no visible Hebrew on the receiver, but some Hebrew on the barrel band.  Personally, no Star of David is a deal breaker for me, but bidding is already at $500, and due to the age, condition and markings it wouldn’t surprise me if it goes for $800-$1200.  Just think, in 5 years that rifle (well the receiver at least) will be 100 years old, and is probably still very capable.

As always, buyer beware!

UPDATE: I waited too long to followup, sale price no longer published…

Israeli Mauser Watch 1/21/13 – Rare .22LR Trainer

Today on someone has listed a truly rare Israeli Mauser, this one is a .22LR training rifle!  According to the seller:

FN HERSTAL BELGIUM: The Israelis contracted FN to build them roughly 1000 of these dedicated .22 LR training rifles. It is purpose built with matching bolt. These were not fabricated from existing K98′s in 8mm these actions, barrels and bolts were made just for this project. They were built on a FN single shot frame. These things are unbelievably rare and only a handful were imported about 10 years ago or so.

I have seen these around occasionally, and have also heard of people making them from existing Mauser parts.

The bidding starts at $1300, with a buy-now of $1500.  I think at those prices, the auction will only draw collectors.  In that range a new or used Anschutz or lessor .22LR target rifle can be had.  In my mind, part of the fun of an Israeli Mauser is firing it with a “real” cartridge like .308, so for me this rifle would get boring fast.  Even for sentimental value, meh…these rifles almost certainly never saw combat, or maybe they trained a few IDF troops or Israeli kids.  Given that it is a single shot rifle, I’m not even sure what the training value was.

As usual, buyer beware!

UPDATE:  Apparently it sold for $1500.