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Jeff Spiegelman – Delaware State Representative and Jewish Marksman

I learned about Delaware’s 11th District Representative Jeff Spiegelman from a JPFO newsletter, wherein he wrote:

As a Jewish man who lives in a rural area, I am often at odds with my urban and suburban Jewish friends and family who often see their world as representative of the country as a whole. They often believe that the gun restrictions that have been placed on some of America’s biggest (and, ironically, most dangerous) cities must be applied universally. These places have police and fire protection that is, in comparison, nearly instantaneous. These friends and family often say that I am pro-gun because I simply cannot understand their “plight” when it comes to firearms in the inner-cities. I think it is the opposite. I think they cannot see the need for my rights in my rural home.

According to his web site, Jeff is a NRA life member.  Yet more proof that Jews are indeed at the forefront of the gun rights movement.  If you live in Delaware, please consider supporting him!