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Jewish Firearms Blogging Roundup 01/12/13

At Blog ‘O Stuff:

At Seraphic Secret:

At Jews Don’t Shoot Guns:

At DoubleTapper:



Jewish Firearms Blogging Roundup 01/05/13

I thought I’d try a new regular feature giving readers quick access to Jewish firearms-related blogging:

Dave Markowitz at Blog ‘O Stuff has been busy:

Richard Bogath at Jews Don’t Shoot Guns has also been busy:

Hap Rocketto has a new essay out.  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Henry David Thoreau, and smallbore.

Double Tapper’s suggestions on what America can learn from Israel re: school protection.

At JPFO Rabbi Judah Freeman criticizes Jewish involvement in gun control.

And of course, Robert Farago and Dan Zimmerman’s The Truth About Guns is non-stop.

Please let me know if I am missing anyone!