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Antisemitic Gun Control Post on More to Come?

In light of recent events, the “gun control” debate has resurfaced in the American consciousness.  And with it, the search for who to blame for recent tragedies.  To those who know Jewish world history, it would be surprising if some segments of society didn’t blame the Jews.  Well, sure enough, I suspect some hate-filled people may be headed down that path.

As I have previously written about, there are a (perhaps surprising) number of Jews in the firearms industry.  I actually know of more than I’ve written about, but those folks have asked me to respect their privacy.  We certainly don’t dominate the industry, but like all productive and respected social endeavors (like business, science, academia, law, medicine) Jewish participation is disproportionate to our numbers.  We are underrepresented in the welfare and prison populations.  Both good things.

So today on, editor Drew Magary wrote an attack piece against the CEO of a gun manufacturer, whose name happens to be Ron Cohen.  The piece is laced with profanity.  All of the Elders of Zion themes are in play, where Magary portrays Cohen as a shadowy, greedy character hiding behind Gentile front men.  The deceptive Cohen has deceived innocent gun owners into thinking they need guns, caring more about profit than human life.  One senses a theme that Cohen is a hook-nosed puppet master destroying good, honest, Christian society.  Magary writes [censored by me]:


Now, I am not the ADL–I don’t cry antisemitism every time a Jew or Israel is criticized.  Read the piece and decide for yourself whether some of the ancient antisemitic themes haven’t been put in play.  I think they are.

DISCLOSURE:  I have no idea whether Ron Cohen is Jewish, I never confirmed it.  But with a surname like Cohen, odds are he is Jewish.

Jews in the Firearms Industry

I recently heard that several major US firearms manufacturers have significant Jewish leadership. I have only been able to verify Colt. If the readers can verify Sig Sauer and Kimber, that would be great! Also please share any others you know of!

1. Colt’s Manufacturing Company – according to an article on Maine Antique Digest:

In 1994 Colt’s Manufacturing Company was purchased by Zilkha & Company of New York City for $12 million. Donald Zilkha, then 42, was and remains company president. Three years after buying Colt, he unsuccessfully tried to buy FN Herstal, as mentioned above, for $82 million. It would have given him control of Winchester, Browning, and Colt.
Where did this young guy get that kind of money? He was born right. He is the son of Azouri “Ezra” Zilkha, “a scion of a Babylonian Jewish banking family,” according to a 2001 article in Traders Magazine. The New York Times in 1999 described the Zilkha family as “one of Iraq’s richest banking dynasties.” The family left Iraq after the Second World War and successfully reestablished itself in the U.S.
The family patriarch, Khedouri (or Khadouri) Zilkha (1884-1956), launched banks throughout the Middle East. His son Ezra, now 82, self-published his memoir in the 1999 book From Baghdad to Boardrooms: My Family’s Odyssey. It’s available in some used bookstores.

I found some other articles on Zilkha:

2. Sig Sauer – The President and CEO is named Ron Cohen, and my “sources” tell me he is Jewish, but I have not been able to verify this. If you can do so, please drop me a line.
3. Kimber – Again, my “sources” and various Internet web sites (some anti-Semitic) claim the owners/operators are Jewish, but again I have not been able to verify and need help from the readers.
Of these three, I can only comment on Sig Sauer, having owned one of their semi-auto pistols, a 9mm P228. I sold it to finance other guns, and sometimes regret it. It was a great semi-auto that was my first gun, and for many years my only gun, until I discovered revolvers. I only put a few hundred rounds through it, but it actually never malfunctioned. If I was forced to rely on a semi-auto, I would go with a Sig without reservation. Kimber has a decent reputation, Colt not so much, but that is all I know about them.