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Leo Bletnitsky: President of the Las Vegas Jewish Shooting and Cigar Club

Today’s interview is with Leo Bletnitsky, founder of the Las Vegas Shooting and Cigar Club. His club is the second I know of, with a very similar Jewish shooting club in Detroit. Below you can learn about Leo and his new club. We wish him good luck!

1. Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

I grew up in San Francisco, college in San Diego and now live in Las Vegas.

2. What do you do for a living?

I’m an IT consultant for medical offices and small/medium companies. I am also a part-time Deputy Constable.

3. Who introduced you to firearms? How old were you the first time you went shooting?

My father and a friend of the family when I was 14.

4. Are you involved in any shooting sports? What shooting sports have you competed in? Have you earned any awards or classifications?

I have not competed other than with friends. Mostly with hand guns.

5. What do Jewish family members and friends think about your shooting?

Most are either curious or positive. A few have an issue, but they are not close friends so it does not matter.

6. What do you like most about shooting and the shooting sports?

It’s both challenging and useful at the same time.

7. Do you have any goals right now in shooting?

Just to continue improving marksmanship, both accuracy and speed.

8. What prompted you to start the Las Vegas Jewish Shooting and Cigar Club? How did you come up with the idea?

I am the president of the Las Vegas RJC Chapter and wanted to do something that would appeal to the whole community, and to enhance the ability of Jews to defend themselves and maybe that empowerment would counteract the strong liberal leanings in the community. I spoke to a friend who was a member in Detroit of a similar club and we decided to move forward. I spoke to some community leaders and all except one where supportive.

9. What are the goals of the club?

  1. Create greater comfort for Jews with Guns and gun ownership.
  2. Create a social outlet for enthusiasts.
  3. Create new gun enthusiasts.
  4. Increase gun safety for people in the community.
  5. Child Safety programs.
  6. Move people on the left a bit toward the center by turning something they fear into something they enjoy and respect.

10. Has there been a meeting yet? How did it go?

We had our 1st meeting on May 16th at an Orthodox Shule. We had about 50 people attend and all are eager to move forward. Many others apologized for missing it due to scheduling conflicts.

11. Have you “converted” any Jews into gun owners or shooters? Any interesting stories to tell about with that?

Not yet, but I’m actively working on it.

12. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

Firearms are the great equalizer. They give a small woman the ability to resist a large attacker and just imagine what the Warsaw Ghetto would have been like if all the Jewish families had been armed either in the Ghetto, or before they were relocated. The world is often a dangerous place for Jews especially, and it is each person’s job to defend themselves and their family!In addition to the above, shooting is a lot of fun!

13. If someone is interested in your club, how can they learn more about it?

They can go to or Like us on Facebook
We are still working on improving the web site, as time permits.