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Rabbi Judah HaChassid – Scholar and Marksman

He lived between 1150-1217, and wrote “Sefer Hachasidim,” the Book of the Pious. According to Chabad:

“Sefer Hachasidim,” the Book of the Pious, is undoubtedly a most valuable contribution to Jewish religious literature of all times. It was not only the most popular and widely read book of Mussar (Jewish Ethics) during the Middle Ages, but it is still a highly inspiring collection of thoughts and principles of the orthodox Jewish faith.

But just as important to this blog, Rabbi Judah was an expert archer!

We are told that in his youth Judah was anything but a scholar. He preferred to wander in the fields and play with bow and arrow. He is said to have captured many prizes in marksmanship in contest with the nobility of the Rhineland.

Here a some biographical links for those interested in learning more about his teachings: