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The NRA is not a Scary Place for Jews

Too many American Jews think “rednecks, confederate flags, and pickup-trucks” whenever the NRA is mentioned. But the truth is that the membership of the NRA is a reflection of all Americans, including Jews and other minorities. Although the initials stand for National Rifle Association, the NRA is at the forefront of many issues and activities in the world of shooting sports and the Second Amendment. Female membership in the NRA is literally exploding, as is the female presence in shooting sports. As I identify top Jewish competitors in NRA sponsored events, I’ll post their biographies on the blog.

What many people don’t know (even most Jews who belong to the NRA) is that recent past NRA president Sandra Froman was Jewish! The article gives Froman’s response to her anti-gun critics:

Predictably, Froman has a different take, one that she considers legitimately Jewish.

“Our history teaches us that it is our obligation to ensure that there is justice,” she said. “And I believe that people have an obligation to protect themselves, to protect their own lives, to protect the lives of their families. And you can’t do that unless you have the means of self-defense.”

Froman added: “There was a saying when the Colt 1851 revolver was invented that G-d created men, but Colt made them all equal.”

I’ve been to several NRA clubs, and I know many, many Jews involved with the NRA at different levels. I know several Jews who’ve gone to the NRA conventions and competed in the National Matches. Bottom line, the NRA is an outstanding organization, full of outstanding menschim.