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Trevor Hines – Jewish Yale Pistol Team Member

As described in this article:

He wears penny loafers and argyle socks from J Press. On his back he wears a striped purple button-down underneath a double-breasted jacket, both Brooks Brothers. On his face, a Cheshire smile framed by Dean Acheson’s mustache and Cardinal Richelieu’s beard. On his head, a yarmulke and heavy-duty ear protectors. In his right hand he holds a Smith & Wesson pistol.

He raises his right arm, revealing the tzit-tzit—the tassels on a Jewish prayer shawl—beneath his jacket. He places the sights directly on the line connecting his eye to the bull’s eye. There’s a bang, a flash, and smoke. The target twitches. When it stops moving, we see a small hole through the eight-point circle, two centimeters away from the bulls-eye.

Trevor Hines, DC ’10, is an Orthodox Jew, an aesthete, and a pistol ace.

He rolls the paper target back to the firing line; takes it off the clip; and looks at it closely. All 10 rounds are in the black, with a bit of a cluster just left and high of the bulls-eye. “I’ve done better,” he promises me, and starts to fiddle with the sights.

Hines had this to say about competitive target shooting:

“It is very meditative. You have things to worry about all week. But when you come here, all you have to think about here is breathing and your heart rate—holding your hands very, very still. You focus on your sight picture and forget everything else. It’s very relaxing.”

From the article, I am guessing he was shooting a S&W Model 41, a very popular pistol for Bullseye competition.